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“Be content with what you have. Rejoice in how things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking the whole world belongs to you.”

–Lao Tzu



  • Mrs L Hawes
  • Mrs A McGinn


Psychology as an AS/A2 subject was introduced in September 2006 and has proved to be a popular A Level choice. With our first set of examination results in August 2007, 92% of students achieved grade A or B. We hope to continue this success as the department grows. Currently there is one teacher of Psychology delivering the AS and A2 courses.



What is Psychology?

Psychology is the study of PEOPLE – how they think, act, react and interact. It focuses on all aspects of behaviour and thoughts, feelings and motivations behind those behaviours.

Why Study Psychology?

Psychology is a popular degree choice as it is addresses an area which is of obvious interest to many students. In addition, it provides skills and knowledge that employers value, while also giving flexibility in terms of future career choices. It involves performing experiments, analysing results, researching and evaluating previous studies across a wide range of areas. These include Cognitive, Biological, Social and Developmental Psychology, Individual differences and Research methods.

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Key Stage 5 (GCE)

A-Level Psychology is a popular choice with two classes at both Year 13 and Year 14. Pupils have the opportunity in Year 13 to study memory, attachment between baby and mother, stress, mental disorders, social psychology and research methods.

In Year 14 there is an opportunity to study relationships, Gender and aggression. They also learn about schizophrenia, and the scientific methodology in psychology.
Courses taught in the department are AS & A2 level Psychology, to the AQA(A) specification.

AS Psychology
In Year 13 all students will study 6 topics. These are examined in two papers in May/June.

A2 Level
The marks from the AS course do not count towards the overall A-Level. The full two-year content is examined in May/June the following year.

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Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Studying psychology is a great basis for many careers including teaching, health care, law, and of course the many professional disciplines of psychology itself; for example, educational, clinical, occupational, health and sport psychology.

Clinical psychologist , Further education lecturer, Occupational psychologist, Sport and exercise psychologist, Careers adviser , Counsellor , Human resources officer , Psychotherapist , Retail manager



2017- A*-C 75%

2018- A*-C 84.6%

2020-A*-C 83.3%