At Assumption Grammar School we have school policy documentation on a range of issues and  copies of the following policies are available from the school on request:

Anti Bullying Policy
Assessment Policy
Career Break Policy
Charges and Remissions Policy
Child Protection Policy
Complaints Procedures for Parents
Continuing Professional Development Policy
Critical Incident Policy
Curriculum Policy
Data Protection
Disciplinary Procedures for Teachers
Drugs Policy
Educational Visits Policy
Equal Opportunities for Teachers
E-Safety and Acceptable Use of the Internet/VLE/Email Policy
Examinations Policy & Controlled Assessment
Gifted and Talented Policy
Health and Safety Policy
Induction Policy
Information on Student Grants
Library Policy
The Use of Photos in Assumption Grammar


Literacy Policy
Managing Attendance at Work
Numeracy Policy
Policy on Health Education
Policy re Pregnant School Girls
Policy on Receiving Temporary Pupils in School
Positive Behaviour
Procedures for Part Time Teachers
Procedures for the Appointment and Promotion of Staff
Publication Scheme
Quality Assurance Policy
CRED Policy
Reasonable Force/Safe Handling
Retirement Policy
Salary Policy
School Council Constitution
SEN & Inclusion Policy
Work Experience Policy
Temporary Withdrawal, Suspension and Expulsion of Pupils
Privacy Notice
SIMS Parent Privacy Statement


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