Key Stage 4

In Assumption Grammar, we aim to provide Year 11 and 12 pupils with rich and diverse learning experiences and opportunities, both inside and outside the classroom. The welfare of our girls informs our practice, policies and procedures. As a child-centred school, there is genuine care and concern for all our pupils to ensure they reach their full potential. Our committed staff endeavour to nurture and develop the abilities and talents of their pupils. Our ‘Fully Alive’ ethos, underpinned by gospel values, keeps faith and moral development at the centre of everything we do.

Moving from KS3 to KS4 is an exciting time as the curriculum is comprised of CEAIG-informed pupil choices, where they can follow subjects they enjoy and may want to pursue as a future career. There are many leadership opportunities in Middle School including our well-established Student Council Sub Committee, appointment of Form and Vice-Captain for each Form Class, mentoring KS3 pupils and continuing to embrace the extensive list of extra-curricular opportunities available.

This transition can be challenging for some with the introduction to GCSEs, increased workload, ongoing controlled assessments and the expectation that pupils are developing as independent learners. Our Pastoral Care system is structured to ensure we can support and encourage our GCSE pupils through this transition, and to work with their families, so that their time here is happy in a secure, caring and supportive learning environment. Our SENCo oversees the Psychology For Learning Centre (PLC) where a small number of GCSE pupils may attend for additional support and intervention tailored to their individual needs.

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Our Counselling Service (Familyworks) is available to all KS4 pupils and this can be accessed using the self-referral form on the school website or speaking to a member of the KS4 pastoral team who can make the referral. Year 11 and 12 pupils have found this confidential and safe space helpful when facing challenges and difficulties, working with the counsellor to develop coping strategies and self-help tools.

Our Form Teachers have special responsibility for the pastoral care of a class group. They work closely with the girls to ensure they settle into the demands of KS4, they are actively involved in the Year 11 Induction Days and they meet weekly with their Form Classes to deliver our pastoral programmes. They also support anyone making the transition from another school. Our Year 11 and 12 Year Heads are responsible for overseeing all matters relating to KS4, including pastoral issues.

The KS4 pastoral teams are supported by Mrs McGinn, the Assistant Principal (KS4) / Deputy Designated Child Protection Officer and Mrs Orsi, the Vice Principal / Designated Child Protection Officer. We recognise the central role which parents and carers play in the education of their children and our KS4 pastoral teams place a high priority on establishing and maintaining strong relationships with parents and carers.

Year 12 Pastoral programme

Year 12 Pastoral Programme,
Every Wednesday morning all year groups follow their own pastoral programme and pupils will have the opportunity to talk and discuss their thoughts and feelings in small groups or with the whole class. A ‘Class Charter’ is drawn up every year containing ground rules which will be decided by everyone and kept by everyone.

Some of the important topics discussed during this time include:

⦁ Anti-Bullying,
⦁ eSafety,
⦁ Mental Health,
⦁ Road Safety and
⦁ CEAIG - preparing pupils to think about their A level choices.

Some of the topics are presented by the Year 14 Class Prefects for example this Anti-bullying lesson below.

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Throughout the year pupils are also afforded the opportunity to take part in our Christmas Charity events, Fundraising for the Missionary Sisters of the Assumption and for Saphara. These activities take the form of a Sponsored Walk, the Great AGS Bake Off, Non Uniform Days, coffee/tea morning, and a visit from the Ice Cream Van!

Christmas dinner is available to each year group and at the end of each school year, we finish with a Celebration Day.

Christmas Charities

During December, each Year Group raises money for their chosen charity by doing a variety of fun events. This Christmas pupils from Years 11 and 12 raised an impressive £1500 for St Vincent de Paul.

The picture shows the Year 11 and Year 12 School Council Sub Committee – organisers of this Year’s Christmas Charity.

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Year 12 Christmas Dinners

The Great AGS bake off

Sponsored Walk

Individual Achievers in Singing, Dance, English, Spanish

The Retreat