We are fortunate at Assumption Grammar to have a partnership with Familyworks Counselling Service who provide counselling to children in Post-Primary Schools across

Familyworks is an organisation working in Northern Ireland. People are at the core of all they do at Familyworks and their vision is to help empower people to become fully themselves.

Familyworks was established in 1999. They offer support, advice, guidance and training to individuals, families and communities. They employ a range of methods including counselling, mediation, coaching and supervision.

The team work with children, young people and adults who may be in need of support. They offer a range of support to students, employees, families, organisations or businesses needing to support or train staff. A desire to support and empower people to live their lives to the full is at the very core of all they do.

Please use the link below if you wish to avail of the Familyworks service.

Family Works Referral Form